Washing centers

They are our core business, and we own an industrial expertise.

  • MT Systems is a high-end cleaning solution 100% effective.

  • MT Systems is a tailor-made industrial tool that can reach full automation.

  • MT Systems adapts to its clients’ needs which is highly capable of building a site from scratch.

The cleaning process

Environmental choices integrated since our sites were designed.

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Depalletizing the packaging.

Dropping off containers on the production line.

Identifying the packaging.

Opening the packaging, control and rejecting the faulty ones.

Cleaning with high pressure jet, removal of labels and sanitising

Quality Control.

Automated sorting and stacking of containers.

Drying with centrifuge.

Sorting the trays by their SKU.

Palletizing, strapping and labelling.

What is a cleaning center?

Our promises

Sustainable development / circular economy

MT Systems participates in cutting food waste by allowing the rotation of packaging all along the product’s life cycle.

Thanks to our technologies, we contribute to reducing water and energy consumption in each of our centers.

50% d'économie d'eau
water saved *

* Our new technologies allow us to save 50% more water.

While we used to need a bucket of water to wash a crate, now we only need a glass.

To water savings, we can add the decrease of electricity consumption.
Savings up to 40% thanks to the use of a centrifuge to dry the crates instead of blown air.

MT Systems’ main aim is and will remain the maximisation of criteria allowing for the reduction of waste.

That way, water savings are our priority.

To those two first aims, MT Systems adds:

  • Waste sorting,
  • The end of planned obsolescence (we do not discard anymore, we fix),
  • A systematic use of products reaching food standards,
  • Water recycling,
  • Electricity production by cogeneration and photovoltaic panels.

Very efficient recycling of water

Water recycling: our most recent sites own an internal water treatment plant that enables them to reuse water of industrial quality.

70 % of reusable


1 liter

of water used 300 times

360 m3

of water filtrated / hour

Heat recovery

Some of our washing centers feature a chp system (combines heat power): they produce electricity then sold on the grid and recover the heat from production to heat the washing water.

By replacing our customary dryers by centrifuges, we reduce our electricity and gas consumption by more than 40%.


Reducing waste and aiming for better environmental performances is our staff’s daily work.

MT Systems guarantees the quality of the products manufactured by our plants, as well as the quality of the implemented process. To guarantee this quality of service, our company commits each year to enforcing ISO and HACCP standards.

Daily, weekly and quarterly bacterial samples are tested in our laboratories by our teams as part of our protocol to guarantee food safety.