We guarantee sustainable industrial and logistical solutions

Who are we?

MT SYSTEMS develops highly functional, flexible and efficient washing centres of all sizes, to meet every client’s needs, from reusable plastic containers and meat totes to cups and plastic pallets.

We meet the requirements of European and North American standards.

MT Systems in the world:
22 sites

  • Headquartered in Perpignan, France
  • 75 lines of production
  • 14 wash and processing centers in 6 countries
  • 1,200 employees

Our mission

Bringing cleaning solutions for reusable packaging.

The drive and determination to bring the most effective and sustainable cleaning solutions for reusable packaging is at the root of what MT SYSTEMS is all about. In 1994, MT SYSTEMS started cleaning reusable food trays in a garage in Perpignan, France. For a quarter of a century, MT SYSTEMS has been true to its ambition: offering technological solutions and increasingly thorough cleaning processes while adapting to the development of sustainable packaging. Whether it is packaging for food or another industry, MT SYSTEMS always has the same aim: offering sustainable and innovative cleaning solutions that meet our societal evolution and consumption habits.

Now more than ever, consumers feel involved in reducing wastein manufacturing processes and the reuse of products. This involvement has a significant impact on modes of production, consumption tendencies, resources and the protection of our environment.

Every day, MT SYSTEMS stays true to its first mission to contribute to the development of sustainable, reusable packaging cleaning processes and to permanently address new habits with heathier and more sustainable solutions.

2,152,782 ft2

of cleaning areas

2,3 million​

cleanings per day

MT Systems | timeline

Our values

At MT SYSTEMS, we believe it is possible to offer industrial services adapted to meet society’s concerns. By proposing innovative sustainable solutions, we can accelerate this transformation.

MT-Systems | Our Values
The person before anything Satisfy the client Be involved Strive for results Teamwork Go further

The person before anything

The person before anything: our employees are the most important. We guarantee a safe workplace where each employee receives the utmost in respect while being provided with equal opportunities in terms of personal development

Satisfy the client

It is everyone’s responsibility to listen and understand each of our clients’ needs, create solutions and guarantee their satisfaction. We want to be quicker, more proactive and offer more versatility every day.

Be involved

We believe in people who work with passion and with a high level of integrity. We all are trustworthy, reliable and dedicated.

Strive for results

Every day, we challenge ourselves to reach our ambitious goals. Thanks to our determination for continuous improvement, we constantly reach the highest levels of performance.


More potential, value and efficiency are reached with teamwork, in confidence and with a positive attitude. We always share information and knowledge to improve our team’s skills.

Go further

We do not rely on our successes, we are constantly developing our processes and creating new solutions to guarantee future competitive advantages. We keep an open mind for new ideas and opportunities.

Our success was realized by constantly bringing value to our clients and anticipating their needs.

Those values guide our actions and our behaviours.

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